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Hello there, welcome to Proper and Polished the salon.


Let us make you feel at home and give you that Polished look.

We believe in the power of healthy, beautiful hair, nails, and skincare.


Our Proper treatments and Polished looks are highly maintained and perfection is a must.


We welcome you to step into a relaxing atmosphere that fosters creative thought and design from our experts. We continually raise the bar for our team, so that superior service and individualized treatments are always enjoyed by each guest.


We invite you to experience the dedicated professionalism displayed by the best hair stylists and service providers in our field. 

With today's ever changing health guidelines, we will operate in compliance with CDC Covid-19 precautions and we will continue to implement these guidelines for the health and well-being of every guest that enters our home.

We invite you to step inside and let us give you a Proper Welcome.

Thank you from all of us at Proper & Polished -

Joanna, Dannielle, Denise, Madison, Christina, Herick, Raye, Chloe, Dafne, and Nicole

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